Do I Need Leaf Guards on My Gutters?

long island guttersGutters can protect your home from water damage.  Positioned on the edges of your roof, they help to direct water away from your home and its foundation. Water can cause harmful erosion around your foundation, increase mold and mildew growth, cause flooding and damage to your siding. Gutters that are installed properly and work effectively can help to avoid any water problems which can be extremely costly to repair.

But what about the actual gutters – do they need any form of protection?  The answer is yes. While quality gutters do a great job of protecting your home from water damage; dirt, leaves, twigs and debris can get into gutters and cause clogs.  A clogged gutter is useless because it does not properly direct the water away from your home.  Clogged gutters can overflow with water causing additional damage and cleaning out your gutters can be a dirty and messy job – which no one ever really wants to do.  A gutter protection system (or leaf guard) is the best solution to this problem.

According to Household, “Gutter guards can prevent your gutters from clogging with leaves, as well as water and debris — thus saving you from what could be a dangerous household task. Properly installed leaf guards can lessen the amount of labor used to clean gutters and possibly prevent unnecessary falls.”

Lindstadt Gutters can install a MicroGuard™ Leaf Protection System on your home. This durable leaf protection system acts as a filter that features over 2000 micro-perforations per foot that allow water in, but stops even the smallest debris from entering the gutter.  This innovative micro filtration system is designed to keep small twigs, pine needles and debris from clogging your gutters.  Benefits of a leaf guard system also include:

  • It offers great curb appeal and it does will not interfere with roof lines. It is virtually invisible from the street.
  • The micro filter system will not penetrate any roof shingles
  • It is made of heavy gauge 032 (extremely strong) aluminum that will not bend or separate from the gutter
  • It is quick and easy to install on almost any five or six inch gutter system

If you are interested in quality gutters for your home or a leaf guard protection system to protect the gutters you already have; contact Lindstadt Seamless Gutters. They are experts in the gutter and roofing industry and they have been in business for over 50 years.  They can install a MicroGuard™ Leaf Protection System which prevents clogs caused by leaves, twigs, and other debris. Whether you need new gutter installation, a leaf guard protection system, a new roof or maintenance services, Lindstadt Gutters has a team of experienced professionals who can assist you. For quality gutter services, give them a call today at 631-754-2114.

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