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While most people know that they need roofing and gutters, they really don’t know a lot about either. Lindstadt is the premier provider of gutters and roofing on Long Island.  We at Lindstadt are also happy to provide you with answers to all of your questions.

Why do I need gutters?

This question is asked by clients every day, and it has one simple answer ; rain water . Water deterioration is the key reason as to why gutters have to be set up in a house. Regardless of what age of the property or building, roof water causes the following problems: Backsplash- the water dropping from the roof top hits the land surface with a great deal pressure that the backsplash that it produces leaves behind stains on your property. Mildew and fungus will also form exactly where the water has stained the property. Repainting or even replacing of the siding simply will not eliminate your problem; gutters are the only treatment to protect against the backsplash.

Washouts as well as Erosion – Wherever the water drops strikes, erosion will begin to take place. In the event that it remained unfixed, the pavement erosion will end up quite significant. Washouts can even happen if you have plants and flowers or landscaping in your yard under the roof line eaves.

long island gutters installation company Flooded basements – Regardless of whether you have a finished or unfinished basement or cellar, water can find its way in. When the water drops from the roof it pools on the floor around the foundation, the water lacks place to go. It will eventually slowly and gradually soak into the land surface and ultimately into the wall space of your basement. Roof water can weight as much as half a dozen tractor trailers. Imagine that falling over around your basement foundation. The gutters are going to take that roof water and then lead it far away from your foundation, protecting against pooling and effectively stopping a saturated basement.

What are the advantages of having rain gutters installed?

The primary benefit of gutters is that they will help you save thousands of dollars in property repairs. They are going to protect your property against backsplash, washouts, corrosion and also soaked basements. Additionally, when gutters are installed correctly, they will greatly enhance the curb appeal of your property. Gutters or downspouts are available in several color choices; therefore there is certainly a color that matches up your property. Gutters are a professional issue, selecting an experienced gutter installation company will actually save you thousands in expensive property and gutter repair work.

Is your gutter company the same as the rest?

No, the fact is the majority of gutter installation companies utilize the same exact components, however the greatest difference is the customer support that we provide you with along with the professionalism and reliability of all our workforce. Lindstadt Seamless Gutter has been in the industry since 1961 , and has no plans of stopping . Considering the fact that we have now been serving all of New York along with the neighboring areas for nearly a 1/2 a century , clients have peace of mind that we are here to stay and serve you for many years to come.

What type of hanger do you use in the gutter?

Hidden hangers are utilized on our gutters; these are the most powerful hangers available on the market. The way they work is they snap into the front lip of the gutter, and then snap onto the back. The hangers are unseen from the ground, therefore they are called hidden hanger.

What type of gutters solutions do you offer?

5” and 6” K-style gutters are the most commonly installed. Half-Round and copper gutters are also available; the price of these will differ based on the going rate of copper in the marketplace. Even though K-style gutters are seamless, half-round gutters are not.

Separate from the gutters, we also offer Leaf Protection Systems.

Do you repair/clean out gutters?

Yes, this would be a service call charge. For the latest price, call the office during normal business hours.

Can you install leaf guard protection on existing gutters?

Generally we are able to install leaf guards on existing aluminum seamless gutters. If your current gutter is not seamless or not made out of plastic, leaf guards simply cannot be installed. Please be aware, to install Leaf Protection to existing gutters they should be in good functioning conditioning, which means no sags, bends or leaks.

Why are my gutters overflowing?

Gutters overflow is for two reasons, the gutters could be clogged or the gutter size is insufficient for the volume of water. Always remember, that like a car, gutters require regular maintenance to keep them performing correctly. If cleaning your gutter is a hassle, please look into our leaf protection system.

What is the cause of Ice Dams?

Contrary to popular belief, gutters do not cause ice buildups. As a matter of fact, neither does the roof, the gutters, nor gutter protection systems can ever cause these ice problems. You can easily blame the roofing or the gutters, in particular when you have never experienced the problem before and just acquired a new roof, gutters, or gutter guard system.
The source of the ice issue is often insufficient insulation, ventilation or both of them. Heat loss from your home to the attic is the root cause of the ice dams.

The reason why ice dams build up is the fact that heated air leaks from the living area below. It then melts the snow, which trickles right down to the cooler edge of the roof, and refreezes. The snow that builds up on the roof works like an insulator on the roof; this will keep more heat in the attic, which helps make the roof warmer and this melts more snow. The more snow that melts along with the colder the temperature often means more ice at the eaves of the roof.

So, this winter season don’t blame the gutters, your problem is due to inadequate insulation and improper ventilation.
Below is a link to an article with more information as to how gutter guards work.

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