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Why Do I Need Gutters on My Home?

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long island seamless guttersGutters seem like an essential part of every home, but have you ever taken the time to think about what gutters do and why you need them? I know that when I look at my house, I don’t really even think about the gutters; unless of course, there is a problem with them.
Gutters are installed for two important reasons; protection and prevention. They are designed to protect your home from water and prevent all of the damaging things that water can do to your home including erosion, mold and mildew growth, flooding, and damage to your siding. Gutters that are installed properly and work effectively can alleviate these problems which can cause severe damage and cost thousands of dollars to repair.
More specifically, following are some of the things that gutters can do to protect your home:

Prevent Erosion

Without gutters, every time it rains, water flows directly off your roof causing erosion of dirt and soil around the perimeter (and foundation) of your home. Erosion will continue every time it rains (or when snow melts); washing away more and more soil each time. This can cause the sloped around your home to wear down, allowing runoff to flow toward your home instead of away from it. This can cause the foundation to settle and you may eventually start to notice uneven floors, cracked walls and chimneys as a result. Erosion can also wash away garden beds and landscaping.

Flooding Prevention

seamless guttersWhen water flows into the soil close to your home, the dirt and soil becomes very heavy. This places great pressure on the basement foundation which can start to crack, allowing water to leak into the basement. In addition, eroded soil can start to direct rain water towards the home, allowing water to flow into and flood the basement. Properly installed gutters will direct the rain water to fall away from the foundation, which protects against pooling water, erosion and a saturated basement.

Protect Siding
Rainwater and melting snow can carry dirt, debris and particles from your roof. Backsplash from falling water filled with debris can cause stains on your siding and home. In addition, the buildup of water and moisture can cause mold and fungus to grow (especially on a shady side of your home).
High quality gutters can protect your home from the harsh elements of weather and water. Gutters can provide your home with the protection that it needs from any damage. Gutters should be properly installed and well maintained so that they work effectively and they should also be cleaned regularly so they provide your home with the best protection possible.

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