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The Summer Heat Can Damage Your Roof

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Roof DamageThe heat of the summer sun has a strong impact on the lifespan of your roof. Direct sunlight and hot temperatures can affect your roof in several ways, and the results are often damaging. The combination of UV (ultraviolet) rays from direct sunlight, heat, and thermal shock can all add to the deterioration of a roof.

UV Rays

The UV rays from the sun continue to wear down your roof every single day, even on cool and cloudy days. Over time, the rays of the sun can dry out the oils in your roof causing it to become dry and brittle and it eventually causes it to lose its waterproofing qualities. Dry and brittle roof shingles will start to curl, crack and even break apart.


The heat from the sun also accelerates the breakdown process. If it is 85 or 90 degrees outside, your roof can reach up to 160 degrees.  Heat speeds up the damage done by UV rays and causes the roof to become weak and lose its flexibility.

Thermal Shock

As the air outside heats up and cools down, your roof does too, causing it to expand and contract every day. This is called thermal shock. Thermal shock is a scientific term that is simply defined as a variation in temperature which causes tension in a material. It frequently causes breakage in the material. Over time, your roof will begin to strain from the thermal shock which could cause the roof to split, resulting in costly repairs.

While you can’t avoid the sun from shining on your roof and your home, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the amount of damage that the sun and heat can cause. Initially, you want to choose a roof that lasts a long time, improves your home’s efficiency and comfort, and reduces the heat effect.  According to the, “The ideal roofing material will shift depending on where you live and the sort of house you have, but experts agree that wood shingles are probably not going to cut it no matter where you live, primarily because they degrade rather quickly and it’s not sustainable to replace your roof every fifteen years.”

There are many benefits to sustainable roofing materials and simply choosing the right material could result in as much as a 30 percent decrease in your home’s energy needs. Whether that ends up being a metal roof, tile roof, asphalt shingles, concrete or even wood, the experts recommend reflective coatings to keep your roof cool.  A professional roofing company should be able to advise you on the best roofing material for your house type and climate.

If you are not in the market for a new roof, you can help to protect your roof from the sun and heat by having it properly maintained and inspected annually by a roofing professional. They can check for loose shingles or cracks and perform simple repairs before they turn into larger problems.

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