April Showers Require Strong Gutters

April Showers Require Strong GuttersSpring is just around the corner and while it’s great to see the weather get warmer and the snow begin to melt on Long Island, this can create some harsh conditions for your home.  Add some April showers to the flow of melting snow and ice on your rooftop and this can be a cause for disaster – if you don’t have strong and effective gutters installed.

Since the temperatures have fluctuated so much this past winter on Long Island, the constant melting and freezing of ice and snow can weaken the seams in gutters, causing them to leak and break.  It is a fact that broken or damaged gutters don’t do what they’re supposed to, which can result in damage to the structure of your home. Gutters help to protect the foundation of your home and they also keep your soffits and fascia from rotting.  A proper, working gutter system can direct at least four feet of water away from the foundation of your home.

Your gutters may have taken quite a beating from the harsh conditions of the winter months. In addition to snow or ice damage, gutter issues may include:

  • Winds and storms may have blown tree limbs and debris into your gutter system.
  • Debris can clog your gutters and when clogs occur, they add tension to your gutter system.
  • Excess weight can cause damage to your gutter hardware and the roof. If winter caused an ice dam on your roof, there could be further damage that needs repairing.

If your gutters are not working properly, it can cause multiple problems to your home and its foundation.  When water isn’t properly diverted away from your home through a healthy gutter and drain system, you run the risk of having water backed up around your home’s foundation. As a result your foundation may be damaged, your basement may flood and landscaping around your home may be compromised.  Standing water around your home can also become a breeding ground for unwanted pests like mosquitos, termites and other pests. Clogged gutters can also damage your roof. When rainwater overflows it can splash back up onto your roof. This can cause water to seep through your shingles, damaging your roof’s structure and causing leaks to form.

During early spring, after the harsh winter weather has ended, it is a smart idea to have your gutters inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary.  A durable, clean and effective gutter system can protect your home from the damaging effects of water.

A gutter protection system like the MicroGuard™ Leaf Protection System is also an option. This innovative micro filtration system is designed to keep small twigs, pine needles and debris from clogging your gutters.

If you are interested in quality gutters or a leaf guard protection system for your home, contact Lindstadt Seamless Gutters. They are experts in the gutter and roofing industry and they have been in business for over 50 years.  Whether you need new gutter installation, gutter repairs, a new roof or maintenance services, Lindstadt Gutters has a team of experienced professionals who can assist you. Give them a call at 631-754-2114.

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